Massimo Varricchio and Germana Cecconi, Cappella Giulia, Rome.

The works of the Maestro Garau have the characteristic of being simple but with a deeply mystical atmosphere.

Three notes and an incredible emotional resonance ('O Magnum Mysterium', 'Stabat Mater' 1 and 2); no preciosity and presumptuous constructions, but huge echoes in the heart.

The underlying tone is always a little sad, not tragic, though; like distant memories.

Beautiful harmonic structures and many medieval and early Renaissance echoes.

Nothing to do with what certain modern composers hand us today.

Massimo Varricchio and Germana Cecconi

Choristers of the Giulia Chapel

(Cappella Musicale della Basilica Papale di San Pietro)

and the vocal ensemble Schola Romana Ensemble