Silvio Tessi, Writer.

It is an honour for me, but also a real burden to present this prestigious book by Mariano Garauin which the Maestro infused and lavished his soul: only a musician of equal talent would be able to do this.

And yet, the enthusiasm for his celestial notes involves me so much, that I actually feel as though I am obliged, in expressing the impressions and suggestions I have felt, to pay spontaneous homage to the artist, former pupil of Don Allori, who, like his Maestro, honours the city of Iglesias.

Those with a little sensitivity and love for Music, a divine Art, will be able to grasp the thousands of sensations evoked by these melodic notes, the gravity and the composed harmony emanating from the Opera, from whose scores, as from a limpid and iridescent source, they gush forth, exuding a moving aura of sacredness.

These are musical pages that highly ennoble the poetic texts, and transport those who perform them, and even more so those who listen to them, to lofty and sublime heights to which the chosen spirits capable of perceiving the incomparable message that Maestro Garau has entrusted to these notes, whose accents are authentic spiritual enjoyment, a true anticipation of the Celestial Aura to which we tend with our mind, our heart, our sentiment, reach.

Silvio Tessi - Writer

(Rome, September 1997)