I am honoured to have received last night a valuable award as a composer from the Vice Mayor and Councillor for Culture Claudia Sanna on behalf of the entire Iglesias Municipal Administration!
It was a great emotion for me! Unforgettable moments especially when the appreciation comes from my home town! A heartfelt thank you to everyone and in particular
to Mayor Mauro Usai.

A Life dedicated to music and composition, His music resonates throughout the world. A Pride for His City, the Iglesias municipal administration, through the Deputy Mayor Claudia Sanna, presents a plaque of recognition, to Maestro Mariano Garau. On behalf of the Concordia Villa Ecclesiae Choir, in chorus we say: Thank you Maestro.

On the occasion of the 'AUTUMN IN CORO' choral singing festival, I had the pleasure and honour of awarding

Mariano Garau, a much-loved composer from Iglesiente known and appreciated all over the world.

Claudia Sanna - Deputy Mayor of Iglesias.